About Us

About Us

We, at INDANA STEEL PVT.LTD, believe in quality - quality of products, quality of prices and quality of relationships.We nurture long-lasting business relationships, even if it involves going that extra mile. This has been possible because for the last 38 years we have been continuously providing the best products at even better prices

So, why should you work with us?

Wide Range of Products

We manufacture fasteners, studs bolts & nuts.We also work extensively with Re-rolling mills,Galvanizing & Fabrication facilities. There are a large number of Re-rollers for any given product offered at different prices.

Effort to Minimize Your Wastages & Cost

Our tailor-made services such as cut to size,Profile cut, Roll Threading, Galvanized etc minimise your wastages and to a certain extent costs of your products.

All-India Presence

Our nationwide presence ensures delivery of your product at your location at your time. This reduces your inventory and total cost, thereby resulting in better planning.

Transit Insurance

To ensure hassle-free work for you, we even arrange transit insurance.

Financial Support

We care for our clients and therefore allow secured credit.