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Indana Steel is a top manufacturer, supplier and exporter for the best quality industrial fasteners. Be it any type of studs, screws, bolts, nuts or any other fastener of any material or make we are leaders in the field. We offer a very wide range of industrial fasteners to meet any need. We supply our customers with the fasteners to meet the exact specifications specified at the best rates.

Best Quality Fasteners That We Offer

When it comes to fasteners you would know that there is a whole range of studs, bolts, nuts and screws which are needed for various industries. Let us know what each of these fasteners is:

1. Stud or Threaded Rod:

Stud Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

A stud is a fastener which threaded on both ends. It has no head. The threads may or may not extend the full length of the piece. It usually engages two nuts, one on each end.

2. Bolts: A bolt is very similar to a stud.

Bolts Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

The only difference is that it is threaded on one end only, with a head on the other end. It is usually mated with a single nut along with a washer if required.

3. Screws:

Screws dealer

Screws are headed externally threaded types of fasteners without meeting the standard specifications of the bolts. They do not require any nuts.

Be it in any industry the quality of the fasteners used is of prime importance. They must meet the exact specifications required. The quality of the fasteners determines the overall structure of the structure being constructed. So you must ensure that the fasteners meet the quality standards expected.

As a purchaser of fasteners you would know it is convenient if all the fasteners required can be procured under one roof. This is what you can expect with Indana Steel. Being in the business of supplying fasteners we offer a whole range of the best quality fasteners to meet all your needs. So it is because of this that our studs, bolts, and other fasteners are used worldwide.

We are the global leaders in the manufacturing and supply of Stud Bolts in India. Indana Steel is the supplier and exporters of ASTM A193 Gr B7, B7M, and B16 Stud Bolts. Along with this we also supply, HSFG Bolts, Hex Bolt, foundation Bolts & Anchor Bolts. With us you would get a whole range of industrial fasteners.

Why Indana Steel for industrial fasteners?

It is not without reason that we are leaders in the field of industrial fasteners. We have been in the field since long which is why we have a rich experience. Apart from this we have the state of the manufacturing facilities for all the industrial fasteners we manufacture. We maintain the highest quality standards which meets international standards. This is also the reason why we export our ATSM A 193, B7 B7M B16 Stud Bolts, Anchor and Foundation Bolts to whole lot of countries. These include China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Australia, USA, UK, Scotland and Portland.

So you can completely rely on the quality standards of all the industrial fasteners we manufacture and supply. The best thing about us is that you get the best at the most competitive prices. We are also very particular about the relationship we have with our customers and always ensure timely delivery at all times.

  • *For any requirement of any type of industrial fasteners just email to us with your complete requirement along with the delivery time.
  • *Following which we would respond with a competitive quote in the next 12 hours.
  • *After the receipt of a confirmed Purchase Order From your side, we will deliver the material within the delivery time along with complete quality & material test certificate.