Navy Flange Guards For Ships

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Flange Guards & Spray Shields are very important for maintaining a safe environment in Ships, submarines & their engine rooms. Numerous regulations lik Solas State that all the lines carrying fuel or hot liquid must be covered to protect against sprayouts. Flange Guards are spray shield put around flanges & Unionsin anticipation of spray outs due to flange failure. Flange Guards arrest the spray outs before it can do any damage to the working staff or equipments.

However it’s very important to choose the correct shield material as only that will enable Flange Guards to fulfill its objective.   Where an correct Flange Guard Shield Material can provide an excellent safety, a wrongly chosen Flange Guard material can lead to catastrophic accidents.

These shield are designed for safe discharge of liquids which are flammable in nature and prevent liquid discharge from joints on the electrical line. These Navy shields & guards are made of multiple layers of PTFE coated fiber glass fabric with Aluminum and silicone sheets stitched inside. Extreme care is taken to use material that do not support combustion and are flame retardant. The tying ropes used are also flame retardant.

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