Coupling stations

Coupling Stations

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Coupling stations are efficient system used for liquid distribution in an effective manner. Cpupling stations are one of the best solutions for distribution of liquids. Coupling Station is used to connect & distribute large variety of liquid & chemicals via coupling station to different processing machines or storage units. With the help of coupling Stations, a Pipe from each source of liquid or chemical is branched into multiple sources where a coupling station acts as a common junction for all. Couplings are connected to Machines and unused coupling are closed. Coupling & Coupling Stations are the simplest way to transfer liquid using multiple branches. Using Coupling stations simplifies the process & makes it possible to change the material used on a machine quickly. Coupling stations are available in various sizes & capacity with different diameter tubes. Using coupling Stations, one can make sure that No Liquid spillage takes place. We make custom coupling stations as per need of our Clients.

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INDANA STEEL is a manufacturer of coupling stations & Couplings in India since a very long time. We, as a manufacturer of coupling stations, make sure that the best quality of material is used & all the coupling stations manufactured by us in India go through various safety checks. We supply our coupling station in Various locations in India including, Kolkata, Kota, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Patna, Darbhanga, Gujarat, Ahmadabad. Our coupling stations are exported to various countries. We export our coupling stations to Europe, Poland, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Dubai, Dubai, Canada, Bangladesh, Iran, Doha
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