Great Britain gave us our first Industrial revolution which started in between late 1700 to early 1800.Significant industrial technological advances were made by the British and this got slowly emulated to the rest of the world. Father of the American industrial revolution Samuel Slater was a British, popularly called in The UK as the "Slater-the-Traitor." He designed the first textile mill in America, prior to immigration he was working as a trainee with a British cotton mill owner.

Accidental compensation for workers dates back to 2050 BC where the king of UR provided protection to the workers in the form of money for fractures and bodily injuries. Most of the ancient laws provided monetary compensation to workers in a very precise form. Otto von Bismarck the Prussian chancellor brought the first Workers accident insurance in 1884.Which was later slowly followed by the rest of the world.

The first safety protection for workers came In form of a federal safety law in 1883 passed by The US Congress and was called Safety Appliance Act. This eventually led to the formation of National Safety Council in 1913.The collective efforts led to reduction of 38 percent in injuries at workplace between 1926 and 1939.Thus bringing a significant improvement in safety at workplace. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established in 1971.

Inadequate protection to workers and improper safety measures at industries lead to fatalities and injuries among workers. Accidents lead to disruption of production, medical bills, compensation, rehabilitation cost and higher insurance premiums. Studies suggest hidden accidental costs could be 4 to 10 times of a direct accident cost. The United States alone amount to 23000 work place injuries everyday which results in a huge cost of USD 192 Billion annually.

We as an organization are focusing on workplace spray protection. The spray protection is very critical and would save you tones of money with considerable reduction in accident rates. Flange leak protection shields manufactured by us would reduce injuries and provide protection to workers and costly Equipment from fluid spillage. It is indeed very difficult to reach out a High pressure Flange spray without a flange protection in case of a leak. There is a constant fear at the back of the mind of an industrial worker when trying to engage with a flange leak. This leads to maintenance delays and fluid spilling out everywhere near the flange or the piping connectors. A simple protection could easily save you from all this trouble. Flange spray protectors contain leaks by dissipating the pressure of the fluid and safely discharging it. These protectors will work in any environment and can even provide protection at high temperatures. Ordering a Flange spray Protector is easy and you need to have few details from your maintenance department like the flange standard and pressure rating, size of the piping, fluid detail like concentration and temperature. All our flange protector solutions are tailor made. The most popular flange spray protectors come in PTFE,SS316 and HDPE. We don't offer you just any Flange protectors, All our Flange spray protectors are reliable and Guaranteed to protect for 2 years. They come with a free replacement guarantee for any manufacturing defects. The secret of a reliable flange protector is adequate coverage is provided on the flanges and each protector is checked for pin hole leaks and pressure tested..We only use genuine material so that the protector performs till its end of life. We maintain inventories for standard flange spray protectors and our express delivery for you takes care of non standard flanges. Safety is not an expense it is an investment to ensure your production lines run with minimal disruptions.

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