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Flange Guards & Spray Shields hold paramount importance from the angle of safety in industries. Flange guards & Safety Spray shield protects the working staff from spray out of corrosive liquids due to pipe joints, valves & flange failures by containing it. Because of this, flange Spray guards & safety Shields have been made mandatory in today's industries. Quality is an integral element of any Flange Shields, Spray Guards & Flange Protector Band & should not be compromised for cheaper alternatives. We are the only manufacturer to provide a hydro test certificate on demand.

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What are Flange Guards & Spray Shields?

Flanges are used for pipe connections. Flange Guards or Flange Spray Shields in simplest terms are pipe flange covers designed to stop mist & spray outs in the event of a flange, valve or any pipe joint failure. Piping system carrying corrosive liquids at high pressure sometimes result failure leading to splash & spray-outs which is very fatal for the worker & equipment around it. Flange Shields & Spray Guards are designed to temporarily contain the spay out and prevents accident by providing Pipe & Flange Spray Protection. Following are the most common Flange Shield & Spray Guard Material Available with Indana

PTFE Flange guard Manufacturer
PTFE Flange guard Manufacturer

PTFE Flange Guard & Spray Shield:

PTFE Polytetrafluroethylene is a nonflammable fluoropolymer.PTFE is completely inert to chemical attack making it apt for most of the process liquids. Inspite of having properties like low dielectric,non sticky and high thermal resistance PTFE has low mechanical strength which is why Acid Spray shields of pure PTFE is not used. PTFE is coated on to fibreglass fabric which gives the PTFE coated fibreglass flange leak guard high mechanical strength.

PTFE Flange Guards are also known as acid & chemical flange wraps or teflon (TFE) flange guards. Our PTFE flange Guards, pipe spray Shields & Flange shields are manufactured using multiple layers of PTFE with an inner scrim inside. Inner scrim holds on to the flanges and keeps the guard secured. PTFE Flange Spray Guards are stitched by Military Grade Kevlar threads which are known for high strength and thermal stability. Most of the PTFE Flange Guard & Protector Band available in the Indian market are stitched by cotton or nylon threads which compromises the products safety. Braided PTFE coated ropes are used to secure the PTFE Flange Spray shields on the flanges.

Using nylon or cotton ropes will decrease the products life and increase your products cost & maintenance. Velcro cutouts are used on opposite sides for fastening the guard. All our spray shields comes with a litmus patch for easy leak detection in case of a flange leak.

PTFE Flange Guards & Flange Protector Bands are exported by us to a number of countries around the world. We keep our profits on the flange spray protection product very and Our quality is at par and at times better with any Flange shield available around the world. Right Quality and Price mix gives us an edge over any other Flange shield available in the World.

We are one of the specialized manufacturer & exporter of PTFE Flange Guard or safety flange spray shield from India to China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia at very competitive pricing. PTFE Flange Guards can be used in the most corrosive environment. PTFE Flange Guards can also withstand very high temperature. PTFE Flange Guards are used in a variety of Industries like chemical industry, Fertiliser industry etc. We are one of the leading manufacturer of PTFE Flange Guard in India.

PTFE Shield Flange Guards & Saftey Shield For Flanges

SS316 Flange Guards:

Stainless steel 316 have molybdenum in them which results in resisting of corrosion caused by chlorides. This is one of the most important reason that SS316 Flange Shields & Flange Protector Bands are used in highly corrosive environments i.e near sea shores for flange spray protection. SS316 shield have a high resistant to acid, solvents, chemicals and prevents metallic contamination to the process liquid.

We are the only manufacturer of this type of SS316 Flange Safety Guards in India. The design is very critical to these pipe flange shields. As these guards are used in highly corrosive,high temperature and very high pressure environments. All our SS316 Flange Guards come with multilayer Stainless steel mesh to decelerate the pressure of the liquid effectively. Safe discharge of the process liquid is the objective of these shields as a small error can lead to catastrophic accidents in high pressure and high temperature environment.

As SS316 Flange guards & Flange Protector Band are used in high pressure environment, we have designed a secured double locking feature for the pipe flange shields giving it adequate safety. We test shields on our own testing rig to figure out any abnormalities arising out of design or manufacturing failures.

SS304 Flange spray guards with Nut and bolts are ornamental in nature and would lead to dangerous lateral spray outs.
At all times safety of our manpower and equipment is important and this is the reason these SS316 flange guards & Flange Protector Band are used by Industry Stalwarts like TATA.


Stainless steel SS 316 Safety Protector Flange Guards & Safety Shield For Flanges
SS 316 Flange Guard Manufacturer
SS 316 Flange Guard Manufacturer

PP Flange Guard


High density polyethylene is un-branched which makes it denser than other polyethylene. The structural difference gives the thermoplastic HDPE more strength over other polyethylene.

HDPE - PP Flange Guards have been designed keeping in mind low pressure and temperature. These HDPE PP Flange Protector Bands & Acid Spray shields are widely sold also because of its cost effectiveness. Though we have made these Flange guards cost effective but due care has been taken that Indana Flange Guards perform superiorly to other PP and HDPE Flange Guards available in the industry.

The following Characteristics make the product unchallengeable in its segment:

1. Minimum thickness higher than 1 mm-Maximum varies depending on the pressure requirement. Critical for Flange Guards strength and holding pressure ability. HDPE - PP FLANGE GUARD below 1mm will not hold and disperse pressure properly.

2. 100% UV RESISTANT HDPE - PP FLANGE GUARDS -Polymers are subject to Sunlight which releases ultraviolet radiation. Prolonged exposure to Sunlight causes the Flange guard to crack. Premature cracking of the product will cause accidents as they are tightened against the flanges. Our Flangeguards are UV resistant resulting in LONGER LIFETIME for the shields which reduces your overall cost in terms of cost of product, maintenance, handling and safety.

3. Secured tightening: We take special care in manufacturing of fasteners used for the flange guards. If a fastener used in the tightening of the HDPE PP shield is loose this will lead to the shield becoming ineffective and Failure. The Fasteners used by us are secured tightly to the flangeguard resulting in zero slippage of the guards from the flanges and effective functioning of the shield.

4. All Our Spray shields are bar coded and marked for Size and Pressure. This results in effective fault finding and easy replacement in case of non performance of the HDPE - PP Flange shield.

5. Reusable- In case of flange leaks or failure. Flangeguards can be easily removed and after rectifying the said flange failure, the same shield can be reused. This can be done multiple times with the same shield.

We hold annual rate contracts with several Companies for supply of HDPE PP Flange Guards. We strongly believe in Long lasting relationships with our customers and are committed to deliver Quality at even better prices.


Polypropylene Strap Type ( PP ) Flange Guards & Safety Shield For Flanges

Navy Shields/Ship Pipeline Safety Flange Guards

SOLAS Regulations
The IMO introduced new regulations concerning oil fuel arrangements through the SOLAS amendments. In particular, regulation 11-2 / 15.2.11 require that-
Oil fuel lines shall be screened or otherwise suitably protected to avoid, as far as possible, oil spray or oil leakages onto hot surfaces, into machinery air intakes or other sources of ignition. The number of joints in such piping systems shall be kept to a minimum.


These shield are designed for safe discharge of liquids which are flammable in nature and prevent liquid discharge from joints on the electrical line. These Navy shields & guards are made of multiple layers of PTFE coated fiber glass fabric with Aluminum and silicone sheets stitched inside. Extreme care is taken to use material that do not support combustion and are flame retardant. The tying ropes used are also flame retardant.These guards are available in 10 feet & 20 feet roll.

Please note that Flange shields are used for safe discharge of liquid and are not an alternative for sealing pipe joints.

Some of the Countries we have shipped to:

1.Saudi Arabia 2.Qatar 3.UAE
4.Italy 5.Hongkong 6.Singapore

Why are industries using Flange Guard, Valve Guards & Pipe Spray Shields?

1. Safety of working staff & employees from leakage & spray out of Flanges, Unions & Expansion Joints with the help of Flange Guards & Valve Guards.
2. Govt & Industry Regulation makes use of Flange Guard Necessary.
3. Insurance Requirement makes it mandatory for industries to use Flange Guards on Pipes joints, flanges, pumps & unions.
4. Reducing hazardous zoned area by installing Flange Guard.

Information required for the Purchase of Flange Guards when Flange Guard or spray Shield type is specified by the Client:

1. Flange Type and Standard i.e. ASTM/DIN
2. Pipe size i.e. 25NB
3. Class or pressure rating of Flange i.e. #150 #300 #600
4. Quantity Of Flange Guards Req i.e. Pcs
5. Budget allocation Flange Guards, if any.
6. MOC i.e. PPFlnge Guard, Ptfe Flange Guard(TFE) or SS Flange Guard.

When Shielding solution, Flange Guards & Flange Spray Shields needs to be suggested by us:

1. Process Liquid for the line on which flange Guard will be installed.
2. Liquid type i.e. Solvent/Steam/Sulfuric/Oil/caustic
3. Maximum working temperature
4. Concentration
5. Pressure of the liquid.

Click Here To See Flange Class Chart
As a manufacturer of flange guards, most commonly used Safety Shield or Flange Guards manufactured by us are PTFE (TFE) Flange Guards, SS Flange Guards & HDPE or PP Flange Guard.


Design plays a critical part in every flange guard or Flange spray shield in India. Most of the guards available in the market are ornamental in nature without any real. As a manufacturer of SS PP PTFE Flange Guard in India, we make sure that our Stainless Steel SS Flange guard /shield has been designed with a steel mesh that diffuses the pressure in case of a leak. The double locking feature prevents the Flange Guard from loosening or opening up.The PTFE Flange guard has an easy leak detection with a three layer support. PP Flange Guards have transparency for early detection of leaks. Safety Flange guard / Shield For Flange should not be very tightly applied on the flange as this can lead to a pressure built up.


Stainless steel SS flange guards / shield, PP Flange Guards & PTFE Flange Spray Shields are 0 Zero maintenance safety guards. In case of Greasing the Flanges:

1. Unlock the pp, Ptfe or Stainless Steel SS Flange Guard
2. Grease the flanges Guard
3. Put the lock back on The PTFE, PP,Stainless Steel SS Flange Guards
4. It takes less than 60 seconds to install and uninstall the PP, PTFE, Stainless Steel SS Flange guard. Stainless Steel SS Flange Guards are 100% reusable and can be used on rectangular flanges also.

Local Supply :

We as manufacturers of flange guards in India for various chemical plants have been continuously Supplying Our Flange Guards in West Bengal, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Vizag, Vishakhapatnam, Assam, Guwahati, Goa, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Gujrat, Ahmedabad, Surat, Dahej, Hazira, Vadodara, Rajasthan, Kota, Jaipur, UP, Kanpur,Lucknow, Telangana, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Nagercoil, Kerala, Cochin, Gujarat, India.

Export Order:

We have been manufacturing and exporting our flange guards & flange shield to China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, India, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Riyadh, Iran, Philippines, Poland, Germany, France, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia etc globally.

Common malpractices in the industry:

1.Most of the HDPE shields sold are in improper thickness.
2.Non UV PP flange guards are sold which will degrade.
3.Stainless steel 304/316 Flange guards are sold in fraudulent MOC of 402 202 series.
4.Stainless steel bolts are marked A2 instead of A272.A2 and A272 are different MOC altogether.
5.Stainless steel shield currently sold in the market don't disperse the pressure as a result both lateral and horizontal spray out happens resulting in accidents and difficulty to remove the shield.
6.HDPE shields where bolts and nuts used in fastening system do not tighten properly.As a result the shield is loosely held and in case of a leak may jump out.
7.PTFE coated fibreglass shields in improper thickness and sufficient coverage.
8.PTFE shields sold in single layer or double layer without any proper filler.
9.Nylon ropes are attached too the shield for tying.
10.Manufacturer will give you a warranty but in case of a defect will not fulfill his obligation.

Description: Great Quality & excellent design of Flange Guards. Mesh diffuses spray & provides extra grip. Rating: 5 out of 5

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