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As a manufacturer of Flange Guard India & Flange Spray Shields India, We Guarantee all flange guards, Flange Spray shields for you for 24 months from the date of Supply.Best and only Genuine Safety Spray Shield Flange Guard are manufactured & Supplied by us in USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, India, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Riyadh, Iran, Philippines, China, Poland, Germany, France, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Melbourne (VIC), Perth (WA), Adelaide (SA), Brisbane (QLD), Launceston (TAS), Newcastle (NSW), Canberra (ACT), Sydney. New Zealand Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton. Tauranga. Napier. Hastings. Dunedin etc

Why are Flange Guards used ?

1.Safety of equipment and Site Personal with the help of Flange Guards from spray outs via Flanges, Unions & Expansion Joints.
2.Govt & Industry Regulation making use of Flange Guard Necessary
3.Insurance Requirement
4.Reducing hazardous zoned area
Information required for Flange Guard Purchase:
When Flange Guard/Shield type is specified by the Client:

1.Flange Type and Standard i.e. ASTM/DIN
2.Pipe size i.e. 25NB
3.Class i.e. #150 #300 #600
4.Quantity Of Flange Guards Req i.e. Pcs
When Shielding solution & Flange Guards needs to be suggested by us:
1.Process Liquid
2.Liquid type i.e. Solvent/Steam/Sulphuric/Oil
3.Maximum working temperature
As a manufacturer of flange guards, Most Commonly used Safety Shield or Flange Guards as seen by us :


1) - Polypropylene Strap Type ( PP ) Flange Guards / Saftey Shield For Flanges 2) - PTFE Shield Flange Guards / Saftey Shield For Flanges 3) - Stainless steel SS 316 Safety Protector Flange Guards / Saftey Shield For Flanges

Flange Class chart


PP Flange Guard is manufactured & sold by us at factory prices. PP Flange Guard is most commonly used flange guards. PP Flange Guards are relatively cheaper in price & serve the purpose in most of the industries. These PP flange guards & Pp flange spray shields are very light & easy to install. PP flange guards & Pp Flange Spray Shields can also be very easily stored. PP Flange Guard & Flange Spray Shield also allow for visual inspection of flanges.This feature of pp flange guards also allows early detection of any flange joint leaks. This PP Safety Shields for Flange or PP Flange Guards are UV resistant and the belt makes the PP flange guard or PP flange shield very easy to fit. These PP Flange Safety Spray shields for flanges or PP flange guard are used in a wide variety of industries like Food processing, water treatment, cement plants etc. There are a few Limitations of pp flange guards: These PP Flange Guards are used in Less Hazardous industry. PP Flange Guards can be used with Lower Pressures and temperature.As a manufacturer of PP flange guard & PP Flange Spray Shields in India, we ensure that all our PP flange spray shields for flanges & PP flange guards manufactured in India are Reusable to reduce the cost of clients. Contact us on info@indanasteel.com for your PP Flange guard Requirements.

PP Flange Guard Manufacturer

SS Flange Guards:

Stainless Steel SS Flange Guard or Shield is made of SS316L with Stainless steel ss mesh.This SS Safety shield or SS Flange Guard is designed to diffuse spray out and prevent accidents.The main advantage of SS Safety shield or SS flange guard is that SS Flange Guards can be used in Corrosive, high temperature & high-pressure environment. SS Flange Guards are capable of containing high pressure & high temperature spray outs very easily & are one of the most reliable flange guards. SS FLANGE GUARDS & SS Flange Spray Shields are very strong and have high resistance against corrosion. SS Flange Guard or Spray shields are very easy to fit. Our SS Flange Guards have double locking providing extra safety. Indana Steel Is the only Flange Guard Manufacturer in India for these SS Guard / Shield. All our SS Safety shields are Reusable and have guaranteed for 24 months. Contact us on info@indanasteel.com for your SS Flange guard Requirements.

SS 316 Flange Guard Manufacturer

PTFE Flange Guard:

PTFE Flange Guard / Safety Shield for Flanges is made of 3 layers of Teflon Fabric with a centre cut out of Teflon in the centre for extra strength.PTFE Flange guards/shields come with a Litmus patch for easy leak detection.Velcro with draw strings makes it easy to fasten PTFE Flange Guards & Flange Spray Shield around Flanges. We are one of the specialised manufacturer & exporter of PTFE Flange Guard or safety flange shield from India to China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia at very competitive pricing. PTFE Flange Guards can be used in the most corrosive environment. PTFE Flange Guards can also withstand very high temperature. PTFE Flange Guards are used in a variety of Industries like chemical industry, Fertiliser industry etc. We are one of the leading manufacturer of PTFE Flange Guard in India. Contact us on info@indanasteel.com for your PTFE Flange guard Requirements.

PTFE Flange guard Manufacturer


Design plays a critical part in every flange guard or Flange spray shield in India. Most of the guards available in the market are ornamental in nature without any real. As a manufacturer of SS PP PTFE Flange Guard in India, we make sure that our Stainless Steel ss Flange guard /shield has been designed with a steel mesh that diffuses the pressure in case of a leak. The double locking feature prevents the Flange Guard from loosening or opening up.The PTFE Flange guard has an easy leak detection with a three layer support. PP Flange Guards have transperency for early detection of leaks. Safety Flange guard / Shield For Flange should not be very tightly applied on the flange as this can lead to a pressure built up.

Stainless steel SS flange guards / shield, PP Flange Guards & PTFE Flange Spray Shields are 0 Zero maintenance safety guards.In case of Greasing the Flanges:
Unlock the pp, Ptfe or Stainless Steel SS Flange Guard
Grease the flanges Gaurd
Put the lock back on The PTFE, PP,Stainless Steel SS Flange Guards
It takes less than 60 seconds to install and uninstall the Pp, PTFE, Stainless Steel SS Flange guard. Stainless Steel SS Flange Guards are 100% reusable and can be used on rectangular flanges also.
Please look at images below for manufactured Flange guard range:

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 Flange Guard India

Local Supply We as manufacturers of flange guards in India for various chemical plants have been continuously Supplying Our Flange Guards in West Bengal, Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh, Vizag, Vishakhapatnam, Assam, Guwahati, Goa, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune, Gujrat, Ahmedabad, Surat, Dahej, Hazira, Vadodara, Rajasthan, Kota, Jaipur, UP, Kanpur,Lucknow, Telangana, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Nagercoil, Kerala, Cochin, Gujarat, India.
Export Order: We have been manufacturing and exporting our flange guards & flange shield to China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Dubai, India, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Riyadh, Iran, Philippines, Poland, Germany, France, Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia etc globally.

Flange Guard in United States Of America(Shield For Flanges)

The USA has its share of Chemical & Petroleum industries in states like Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Alaska, California, North Dakota, Texas, Houston, Oregon, Louisiana, New York. The USA has high regard for the value of life hence all the industries use flange Guards / Shield on its flanges to protect against spray outs. We manufacture the best quality safety shields for flanges of various types such as PTFE Flange Guard, PP Flange Guard, SS Flange Guards, Flange Shield etc. We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of Flange Guards/ Safety Shield For Flanges In USA. You can also check our Our Flange Guards & Safety Shield Department For More Details

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