Stainless Steel Flange Guard
Stainless steel grade-316 flange Guards

Successful Stainless steel creation goes back to 1913 when Harry Brearley created a steel with 12.8% chromium and a carbon percentage of merely 24 percent. Stainless steel was made with the sole purpose of creating a weather and acid resistant steel. One peculiar characteristics of Stainless steel is it cannot be hardened by heating. Adding Molybdenum to steel increases its corrosion resistance ,heat resistance and overall strength. Stainless steel 316 is a chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum alloy.

Flanges are joiners or connectors used in connecting pipes and equipment manually.

These flanges are bolted together by a torque wrench. Though it sounds simple but are very critical. Critical because of dangerous, high temperature and volatile liquids continuously passing through them. Flanges are present everywhere from nuclear powered submarines to your neighbourhood water pipelines. There are many reasons for a flange leak like improper alignment of flanges,loosening of bolts,improper gasket material,vibrations,lack of maintenance etc.

Most of the time accidents can be avoided by taking proper safety measures. The cost of these measures are negligible compared to the overall liabilities arising out of an accident leading to death of manpower or damage to a critical equipment. Flange guards are also an insurance requirement now. As a Procurement personnel buying a proper guard which can handle the pressure requirement is very critical.A safety guard blowing out and causing an accident is the last thing you'd never expect.

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Why us?

SS316 Flange guards manufactured by us have been specially designed to handle the most critical pressure requirement. It comes with a double safety lock which keeps the guard securely tightened to the flange. Stainless steel Grade-316 gives the Flange shield high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

The most critical part of a flange guard is to diffuse the pressure of the liquid so that it in case of a spray out safety of manpower is not compromised. Multiple layers of Stainless steel mesh has been welded to the flange guard to diffuse the pressure both horizontally and vertically. The design of a guard is very critical to the safety. Most of the Stainless steel Flange guards have no mechanism to diffuse the pressure.

Our flange guards have been designed to handle pressure upto 2500 PSI and comes with a two year replacement Guarantee. These Shields have multiple slots for easy fitment to the flanges and takes less then a minute to fit. During maintenance flange guards can be removed as per requirement and on completion can be refitted. Can be used on both square and round flanges.

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