PP Flange Guard UV Resistant

PP Flange Guards are safety spray shields manufactured from polypropylene. These flange guards are equipped with multigrip extensions & spacers to easily diffuse high pressure chemical spray outs. These PP Flange guards are used to protect the working staff & equipments from corrosive splashes of chemical & oil piping systems. The installation is very simple with adjustable latching slots.

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic whose invention is contented between Prof Karl Ziegler of Max Planck Institute,Prof. Giulio Natta of Milan polytechnic,Paul hogan & Robert Blanks of Phillips. Polymerising of propylene with catalysts like aluminum alkyl and titanium tetrachloride leads to the formation of Polypropylene(PP).

Polypropylene is low density thermoplastic and enjoys a high melting point of 160 degrees Celsius and above.It has a operating temperature of 125 degree Celsius. PP has high resistance to chemicals and solubles with a very low water absorption rate of .03 percent which makes it highly desirable in acid and chemical industries. PP is flexible and soft and Will not crack when subjected to Environmental Stress cracking.. We at INDANA use a very high quality raw material which gives our guards very high uv resistance & extended life.

UV Resistant PP has a low dielectric constant which means it is a poor conductor of electricity. Polypropylene is a versatile thermoplastic which is being used in manufacturing of containers to carpets. For this reason, as a flange guard manufacturer, we use PP for pipe fittings & Flange Guards.

Resistant Polypropylene flange guards are used to prevent acid sprays or chemical splash. These acid spray shields are used on Flange joints & Pipe Joints in chemical and aqueous piping system. The maximum operating temperature is 125 degree celcius. Though PP Flange Guards & safety shields is being manufactured by many manufacturers what makes Indana PP Flange Guards different is our focus on UV resistant material, quality and customer centric price.

All PP Flange guards come with a two year replacement warranty and are completely chemical resistant and uv stabilised. PP Flange guards are belt type shields and takes less than a minute to secure your Flange joints. No special hardware or tool is required to install these splash shields. PP Flange Guards are fitted with the innovative multigrip extensions & smart pressure diffuser. These hold the Flange Guard securely on the flange & diffuses the pressure of the splash.These guards are available in various sizes, both standard & custom sizes.

Flanges, Pipe joints, flange assembly don't need to be opened up. The PP Pipe Spray Shields can be secured easily on the flanged fittings. Refer to the demo video to understand the locking mechanism. These chemical splash shields will prevent spillage and ensure industrial safety of your manpower and equipment at all times. Manufacturers test certificate is provided so that a a customer can always check the authenticity of the material. Every fastener that comes with the safety flange guard is checked thoroughly for tightening.

TThese are primarily flexible flange guards or Flange shields.These are also called strap type flange guards or acid flange guards. These uv stabilised PP Flange guards have now replaced the obsolete and risky MS Flange Guards.

Another variant available in Plastic flange guards is PP Box Type Flange Guards.

At INDANA, Your safety is our priority. Lastly the product pricing is very reasonable and cheapest in the Indian market. We believe in giving our Customers a better product at even better prices. Indana Flange Guards are uncompromising on quality.


PP Flange Guards
Description: UV Resistant PP Flange Guards By Indana are thicker than the rest. Also the UV Resistance is very high
Written by: Mr. Vipul Shah, Vadodara (Gujarat India)
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