Flange Guard is also known as Flange Spray Shield. Flange Guard is used in a lot of industries for safety of employees & infrastructure. Flange Guard is primarily used for prevention of damage that can be caused due to sudden spray out of hot toxic & Corrosive fluid or gases from flanges valves & other pipe joints

INDANA Flange Guard is a leading manufacturer of Flange Guard and saftey spray shields from India. We are one of the major brand supplying Flange Guard & saftey spray shields to all the major project in 18 countries globally. The most common type of spray shields available is PTFE Spray Shields, SS Spray Shields & PP Spray Shields/p>

INDANA has an excellent supply chain accross the globe with our excellent dealers network. As a manufacturer of Flange Guard , we provide a guarantee of 2 years on our flange guard & flange spray safety shield against any manufacturing defects.

At INDANA, Your safety is our priority. Lastly the product pricing is very reasonable and cheapest in the market. We believe in giving our Customers a better product at even better prices. Indana Flange Guards are uncompromising on quality.


For Best Rates of Flange Spray Guards Contact us on: info@indanasteel.com