Polypropylene is an addition polymer made from monomer propylene. Polypropylene is very rugged and carries a unusually high amount of chemical resistance. For this reason propylene is also used in making laboratory equipments pipes and fittings for chemical and Pharma industries. It is also for this reason that PP flange guard for service liquid in industries is made from polypropylene for chemical and Pharma industries.

PP Flange guard is a safety item used in industries which carry corrosive liquids and pressurised lines. These liquids can sometimes out inform of jet sprays flanges and other pipe joints. PP Flange guard is designed to contain these spray out and prevent them from hitting nearby manpower are damaging any equipments. Therefore is also necessary to choose the best shield material for flange guard as per the service liquid.

Mechanically, polypropylene is very tough and flexible and is also used as engineering plastic. The most important property of polypropylene that makes it a very good choice for flange Guards is it's high fatigue resistance and flexibility. Due to this, PP flange guards can take a lot of pressure from spray out and yet remain intact. Due to the high fatigue resistance of polypropylene, pp flange guards do not required to be replaced after every spray outs as its physical integrity remains undamaged.

Polypropylene is chemically resistant to almost all organic solvents apart from strong oxidants. Polypropylene or PP flange guards are generally used because of this high resistance of polypropylene.

PP flange Guard by Indana is available in the strap type design. This PP flange guard has multigrip extension on them which grips them on the flanges so that no lateral sprayout or mist formation takes place. These multigrip extensions on PP flange Guards also act as pressure defusing mechanism by releasing the pressure of the spray. PP flange Guard also has double locking mechanism so that it can perform its duty even in very high pressure

All indana flange guards carry on 2 year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Indana flange guards are built with the highest quality of material so that the protection of the hard working man power and costly equipments is insured. Contact us on info@indanasteel.com with your enquiries.

PP Flange Guards

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