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Flange Safety Spray Shields or Flange Guards provide protection from sprayouts or hazardous body splashes. Commonly used on piping joints such as Flanges, Valves, Bends,Elbows & Strainers for pipeline safety.
Safety Factor = 3

Plastic Flange Guards

PP Flange Guard

PP Flange guards are made from specially prepared UV Resistant polypropylene & are also called UV stabilised Flange Guards. These PP Flange Spray shields are economical and are very efficient at stopping sudden splash.

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 PTFE Flange Guards

PTFE Flange Guard

PTFE Flange Guards & Spray Shields are made from Teflon Coated Fiberglass. PTFE Safety Spray Shield are compatible with a wide variety of chemical & oil Mist. Temperature support upto 250 Celsius.

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SS Flange Guard

SS Flange Guard

SS 316 Flange Guards & Safety Shields are equipped with pressure diffusing mesh & quick connect double locking mesh which provides enhanced splash protection & ensures easy maintenance. These are used on Oil & Gas Flange Joints and other equipments like heat exchangers & expansion joints.

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Ship Spray Shields

Ship Shpray Shields comes in form of rolls, These are in accordance to Solas and are used to for engine room safety by covering joints and flanges over hot surface & electrical equipments to protect them from fugitive emmissions which causes fire hazards.

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PVC Spray Shields

PVC spray shields & flange guards are another economical variant which serves for a wide range of chemicals in Pharma & Textile industry. These Flange Splash Guards are available with velcro & Tie Cord Locking,

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TFE Clear Spray Shield

Clear Type Flange Guards

Clear Type Flange Spray Guards & Flange Safety Shields are equipped with transparent window which helps in visual inspection of flanges at all times. This helps in early detection of toxic chemical leaking flanges.

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Valve Spray Shield

Valve Spray Shield

Valve Guards & Spray Safety Shields for Valves are used to contain the splash out from valves. We have a complete range of shields for Gate Vales, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves etc.

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Pure Teflon Flange Guard

Pure Teflon Flange Guards

Pure Teflon Guards are made from 100% Teflon.FDA APPROVED.These Flange Guards & Spray Shields are used in a select range of industries which have very special requirement.

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PP box type flange guard

Box Type Flange Guard

PP Box Type Flange Guard completely covers the flange joint including bolts. This eliminates both lateral sprayouts & mist formation. It also acts as temporary storage and prevents the leak from dripping to any equipment or electrical wiring just below.

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B7 Stud Bolts

Stud Bolts

Manufacturers of ASTM A193 B7 Stud Bolts & ASTM A193 B16 Stud Bolts (Alloy Steel) along with ASTM A194 Gr 2H Nuts/ Gr 7 nuts/ Grade4 nuts etc.

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How Flange guard & safety spray shield works

The Purpose Of Flange Guards & Pipe Spray Shields In A Piping System Is To Protect The Working Staff & Equipment From Hazardous Splashes Of Chemical Leaking Through Flanges, Valves, T Joints & Elbow Joints. Flange Shields Work On The Principles Of Fluid Mechanics & Completely Absorbs The Kinetic Energy Of The Spray Out Or Splash. Flange Guards & Spray Shields When Installed On A Joint Acts As An Impermeable Barrier To The Spray-out & Diffuses The Pressure Making It Completely Harmless.
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  • Oil & Gases

    These industries require Flange Guards & Spray Shields that are resistant to high temperature & pressure. INDANA flange guards & oil mist shields are trusted by leading Oil & Gas giants for their safety. These industries mostly involves the use of SS316 Flange Guards Or Ptfe Flange spray shields.

  • Chemical

    These industries require their spray shields to have high chemical resistance. INDANA Flange Shields are used in the factories of Industries leaders like BASF to cover their Flanges, Valves & Pipe Joins. These spray shields are in compliance to Osha & EPA. These Industries use the widest range of Flange Guards such as HDPE Flange Guards, PP Flange Guards, SS Flange Guards & Teflon Flange Guards.

  • Food & Dairy Industry

    Food Industry carries service fluids at very high temperature. INDANA Flange Guards are used in the Food Industry to protect for splash protection. INDANA is trusted for its range of Flange Spray Shields that do not contaminate the food. Mostly SS316 Flange Spray Guards are used so that the food & beverage remain contamination free.

  • Pharma

    Pharma Industries have a very high rate of Flange Splash & Valve Sprays. These Flange shields require UV protection. All our Flange Guard are UV Resistant. INDANA Flange Spray Guards are constantly trusted by leading pharma industries like Fresenius Kabi for pipe spray protection. We have a special range of UV RESISTANT HDPE Flange Guards & PP FLange Guards, Flange Spray Shields & valve Covers for the clean room.

  • Power Plants

    INDANA has been the go to Flange Guards Supplier for power plants. The Flange Guards & Valve Covers are used to prevent lubrication oil from splashing on to hot surface & turbine exhaust which otherwise could cause fire & damage. These industries involves the use of metallic Flange Spray Guards.

  • Chip Manufacturers

    INDANA flange guards is used by Korean chip manufacturing companies to protect their employees form splash & spray outs. Indana is the only Flange Guard Manufacturer to offers 18 months warranty on all its flange guards & pipe spray shields.

  • Shipping Industries

    Safety Spray Shields are used in engine rooms of ships, vessels & submarines which protect the splash of fuel on the hot surface & electrical lines.INDANA Navy Shields in are in compliance of Solas & have been used in various cruise ships like the famous Celebrity Millennium & Constellation.

  • Aviation Industries

    Just Like Ships, Few special aircraft need splash shield to prevent splashes from the fuel lines. We are supplying spray guards & shields to the Turkish aviation industry.

  • Defence Sector

    INDANA has been providing advisory & consultancy services to the defense sector for spray protection in their high-pressure lines & weapons manufacturing process.

  • Textile Industries

    INDANA Flange Guards & Spray Shields are used in various Textile & Dye Processing units to protect from sudden splashes. The use of acid in these industries necessitates the use of flange guards. Flange Guards & Pipe Covers for acids are available with INDANA. Mostly PP FLange Guards or PVC Flange Guards are used in these industries.


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