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Our Motto: Quality of products, Quality of prices and Quality of relationship.

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Leader in Flange Guards, Stud Bolts, Fasteners & Earthing Flats & Pipes

INDANA is a leading manufacturer of pipe safety & functionality products.As a manufacturer of Flange Guards, Valve guards, Expansion Joint Shields, Navy & Marine Spray Shields & Stud Bolts,our objective is reduce the hazards , provide safety & operational stability to our customers. For years, INDANA has been fulfilling the need of a safety shield & Flange Guard manufacturer.
Our High Customer Service Standards, Manufacturing Expertise & Product Knowledge has catapulted us into a wide array of markets & are currently serving various Pharmaceutical, Paint, Navy & Marine,Chemical & Petrochemical industries.INDANA Flange Guards & Stud Bolts are found throughout Chemical, Petrochemical & other industries worldwide. Feel free to call us or drop us a mail for product selection advice.

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